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Every day, I write a blog. And every day, I struggle with whether it’s good enough to publish.

I’m also writing a book, and facing the same struggle. To publish, or not to publish? That’s a pretty difficult question when you’re a perfectionist. I have a perfect ideal of what that book should look like, and it’s difficult to let go.

The reality is, there’s a balance. I’ve been known for hitting “publish” too soon – doing beautiful work with one glaring mistake I could have prevented with a quick double check. On the same token, I believe that releasing things just a little before you’re ready is the best way to get over your fear and get things done.

Why? Because if we wait until things are “perfect”, or even “good enough”, or we wait until we’re more competent, we’ll never move forward.

Moving forward and learning lessons from our mistakes is better than standing still and learning nothing but how to obey our fear.

By the way, I ironically published this post a bit late today. Sorry!

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