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If you’re a driven person, it turns out, the hardest thing to do isn’t to keep pushing forward. You know how to get one more thing done. You know how to succeed. You know how to achieve. You love crossing to-do items off your to-do list, and you love the feeling you get when you accomplish five things in an hour.

It’s easy to be spread thin when you have an achiever’s personality. The curse is: it can be hard to relax. Enjoying yourself is difficult when the drive to “go, go, go” chants in the back of your mind. And recognizing your limitations is even harder. It’s easy to say, “no, it’s alright, I can do it!” when you know it will leave you exhausted. It’s easier to just push through than it is to admit “defeat”.

But we can’t do everything. And for a driven person, the hardest thing to do – may actually be to let go, and relax.

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