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Hey everyone! Never made a video for you guys before, and I’m extremely enthusiastic that I can share with you in video format. Hope you enjoy. I’ve been playing with a new concept in my life called “doing the next real thing”. It’s a little bit of a life motto for me at this point, and I want to share it with you. The “next real thing” for me is definitely making videos. I was shaking while hitting the “publish” button and my stomach is in knots knowing that I talked into a camera and people are going to be watching it. All the same… I’m glad I did it, and I look forward to making more.


Discussion Q’s from the video:
  1. What is your “next real thing” that will make your life more meaningful? Why are you scared to do it?
  2. If you’re struggling with depression/anxiety, what are ways that I and others can help?

I included carefully edited closed captioning on the video, so please feel free to take advantage of that by pressing the CC button on the YouTube player. You’ll want to select “English”, not “English (auto generated)”. I’ll also provide this transcript of the video:

Video Transcript

Hey there! Cameron here. This is a little bit different because I’ve never actually made a video for my website, at least not one where I’m talking into the camera, and I wanted to give you guys a little bit of an update on where I’m at in life and stuff like that.

First off, I want to thank everyone who has been reading all of my articles on depression and anxiety. You guys are fantastic, and I’m so glad that I can be helpful. All the messages that you guys have sent me letting me know how much it means that I’ve been writing have been fantastic. It’s like, I just feel so honored because out of the blue, I’ll just get like a block of text from someone just kind of explaining their life story. I just, I actually love that. I love that people feel from my writing that they can be comfortable sharing with me. I respect that so much. To everyone who has shared what’s going on in their lives, thank you so much. You guys have helped me too, in the midst of everything that’s been going on with me, and I appreciate the honesty and openness.

I think there’s no greater catharsis, and there’s no greater humanity than being with another person and being understood. Being understood is just so incredibly cathartic and so helpful. So yeah, I wanted to give you guys some honesty about where I’m at in my life, and kind of what’s coming up next for my website and my blogging and all that.

So, I’ve settled a little bit into a comfortable pattern with blogging. When I first started I was kind of scared of doing it. I blogged for a little while kind of about generic motivational self-help kind of stuff, and it was very pithy and not very… it didn’t really go into my heart and my soul and why I really care about this type of stuff. As a consequence, I didn’t get a whole lot of reaction, because people didn’t really have a whole lot to relate to with that.

The first time I finally shared about my struggle with depression, I just remember pressing that blue WordPress publish button after I’d written something that was like, really vulnerable and close to my heart, was just this terrifying experience for me. I went ahead and pressed the button, and I just like, panicked. I remember after that I went and did stuff to distract myself so I didn’t have to think about the fact that people might be reading stuff that was really near and dear to my heart. They could be judging me and all that. So I kind of just walked off and did my own thing for a little while and tried to forget about the fact that I’d published it. And then I got all this positive response from you guys. That was just such an overwhelming blessing.

Over the last couple months, I’ve settled into a little too comfortable of a routine with the blogging. I’ve gotten kind of used to the format. I can sit down. I can kind of come up with a pithy idea, kind of connect it to the topic of depression and anxiety, kind of throw in a little vulnerability story, and then I hit the publish button and I kind of wait for people’s positive reaction, and it’s just this kind of little pattern. Over the last month I haven’t even blogged a ton at all. I honestly apologize a ton for that, because I feel like it was a really big part of my heart and soul and a big part of the impact that I was making positively on kind of the little circle that I live in. And so, I’m sorry that I kind of slipped off the tracks for a little while there.

I honestly think that blogging and talking about these topics is one of the most important parts of my life, and for the lives of some of the people around me, it’s been very helpful it seems.

So basically, getting into that comfortable pattern, I’ve been thinking more and more about making videos, and kind of putting myself out there a little bit, and I have made excuse after excuse after excuse. I don’t know if you’ve done something like that, where it’s like you kind of know, I’ll call it “the next real thing”.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the concept of doing “the next right thing”. If you don’t know all the right things to do, just do the next right thing, and see if you from there can do the next right thing and the next right thing. That concept has just saved me. I just get so paranoid about getting to that last, final, absolutely right place. When you don’t have to get there, it’s freeing. I came up with kind of the idea of doing “the next real thing”, the next thing that feels “real” and soulful and deep, and a little bit scary, and the next thing that kind of connects you to people in a deeper, more meaningful way. When you figure out what that next thing is, just take the leap.

I’d love to tell people that, but I haven’t been taking that leap myself. I’ve felt like, when I first pressed the “publish” button on my blogs about depression and anxiety, I had that little panic moment. Pushing the “publish” button was terrifying. Now, I’ve settled into a little bit of a routine and I know that people can accept it. To go to the video format, that’s what I’ve kind of known that I want to do, because I think it can impact people in a more positive way. And it can show me in my vulnerability in a deep way. I’ve just been scared of that. I don’t want you guys to know where I’m really at because I want to feel like this expert on depression and anxiety and mental health and all that. I really want to be seen as an expert on all that. Then I realize that part of overcoming depression and anxiety is actually being able to be in that vulnerable place and being able to be okay with where you’re at.

And where I’m at right now, I’m not perfectly happy with myself, I’m not perfectly happy with my life. I’m not a full time speaker and author like I’d like to be. I’m a little further along. I’ve started my own business now and I’ve been blogging for a little while now and stuff. I’m not where I ultimately want to be. At the same time, I think that every time we say to ourselves like, “okay, well, I’m not at this place, so I can’t take that next real step”, we cheat ourselves out of experiencing a beautiful future. Because we’re never going to be ready for the next step. We’re never going to be fully ready for that next real thing. If we were fully ready, we’d already be there. I guess you just have to take that step.

So this is me taking that next step, and saying, hey, I’ve had it on my heart to do video for some time, and to be even more open and vulnerable than I’ve been. I’m here and I’m doing it, and I’m feeling that same exact panic as I’m recording it. It feels fairly natural because I’m just talking, like you guys are my friends, because you are. Even people who read my blog who I don’t know personally, I feel like we have really similar struggles and really similar thought processes. I love you guys. You mean something to me. And that’s why I’ve blogged.

So this is just me doing the next real thing. I want to do more video.

I do want to ask you guys, for those who are struggling with depression and anxiety, how can I help? What do you need? What kind of resources can be provided that would be helpful for you? Do you need support groups? Do you need people around you? Do you need someone to talk to at 2AM? What do you need that would be helpful for you to overcome depression and anxiety, and what would help you take that next step?

Anyway, this is a super long video, but I wanted to just take some time to share pretty deeply from my heart, and I wanted to kind of put myself out there a little bit. I don’t think I’m quite as vulnerable as I’d like to be in future videos. I’d like to talk about some real stuff that has been going on for me. This is definitely the next real thing for me. This is the next step in my growth as a human being. I challenge you, if you’re feeling something that is like, that’s my next real thing, just go for it.

Feel free to leave a comment on, 1) what’s your next real thing? What do you need to do? What’s going to make your life more enriched? And 2) let me know how I can help with depression/anxiety. What do you need, and how can we connect you to some resources that would be helpful?

Anyway, thanks SO much for all the love and support. I hope that I can be helpful. I’m a pretty normal guy like all of you guys, and I love that we’re able to connect. So, thank you.

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