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It’s tough keeping up on a blog and writing a book at the same time. I’ve been discovering that the dreaded “Writer’s Block” can sometimes keep me from productivity when I sit down to write. Yet, when I think about it, Writer’s Block is mostly a made-up modern invention, and entirely curable by the Writer. Here are three ways that I’ve discovered to bust Writer’s Block:

  1. Get clear on your purpose (define the “why”). When you’re not sure why you’re writing, it’s easy to become unmotivated. Taking time to write a purpose statement helps you get clear on what’s at stake if you finish (and don’t finish) what you’re going to write. Once you’ve written your purpose statement, print it and tape it on your wall, set it as your computer wallpaper, or review it every time you sit down to write. Making sure you know why you’re writing what you want to write can help you stay motivated and get the job done.
  2. Get clear on what you want to write (define the “what”).¬†Even if you’re clear on your purpose, sometimes you still end up staring at a blank white expanse, unsure what to fill it with. I’ve discovered that making an outline of what I want to write can help a lot. Having a structure makes a huge difference. It can turn rambling, loosely connected prose into a powerful, tight-knit document.
  3. Take time to brainstorm (let the creative part of your mind have time to wander). It’s easy to lose your creativity when you don’t have time to think. It turns out, allowing ourselves to get bored and allowing our minds to wander can work wonders for our creativity. Sometimes, when we are too busy getting things done, we don’t let our minds get things thought.

I hope these tips are helpful. I’m off – gotta go write.

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