Reading List 2015

book-reading-listAloha. Just wanted to share a quick list of everything that I’ve been reading lately, and I will keep it updated as I add/expand/check off items.

It’s a good list.  Nonfiction, but I’m sure I’ll read some fiction on the side.  Some of these books are deeply psychological.  Some have to do with Genesis or homosexuality.  Some are scientific.  It’s a good mix of books.  I’ve checked some off already, and I’m excited to share some of my thoughts.  I’ll keep you posted as I read through the list.

Did Jesus Rise?

empty-tomb-jesus-resurrection-debateWhen I was sixteen, I went through a spiritual crisis. I was interacting with a lot of atheists online and found myself asking the question, “out of all the hundreds of religions in the world, how do I know I was born into the right one?” I decided to do some research. During a two week break from school, I locked myself in my room and did nothing but pushups and research. I ended up discovering so much.

I became convinced that Jesus of Nazareth really was who he said he was and had really done what he said he did. Including rise from the dead. My two weeks of solitude and study resulted in a 31 page paper, for my own personal study. I mentioned this paper during youth group on Sunday, and a number of you asked to read it.

Here is the paper in its entirety, with a shorter version provided.

Did Jesus Rise?pdficon_small (Longer version, more technical)

pdficon_smallJesus, Risen? (Shorter, more popular level version)

Traditional Hell vs. Annihilationism

hell-fire-annihilationHello, dear readers.  Just wanted to share an article I wrote forever ago.  Have an open mind when you read this.  This is a paper that I wrote on annihilationism (the idea that after the resurrection, the wicked received a punishment of consumption and extinction by fire rather than the traditional view of ongoing punishment for all eternity).  I think this view possibly supports biblical and historical interpretation data better than the traditional view.  I recently presented this view, and this paper, to the local assembly of youth pastors and managed to get our constitution changed to allow for this view as a scriptural possibility.

For further reading, I suggest Edward Fudge’s The Fire That Consumes.  This is a brilliant book written by a careful scholar.  Edward Fudge was approached by a former Seventh Day Adventist who converted to more orthodox Christianity and wasn’t sure which pieces of his faith were worth retaining.  He paid Fudge to research this topic carefully for him.  Edward Fudge, after extremely careful research (his resulting book is 600 heavily footnoted pages), changed his view on the topic of hell and concluded the annihilationist perspective was most biblical after all, and his former SDA friend could hold on to that piece of his heritage.

Here is my paper, in PDF format.

pdficon_smallTraditional Hell or Annihilation?

ISM Spring Calendars


Impact Church hired me to design a spring calendar so that everyone can keep track of Impact Student Ministries (ISM) events over the course of the year.  The calendars feature custom-designed icons and a beautiful, easy-to-follow format.  Around 300 calendars were printed.

The Swazi Project Announcement

The Swazi Project

I just found out that I am being flown to Swaziland in August as the videographer for a project I’m affectionately branding The Swazi Project. I will be making videobiographies of Swazi women living in poverty in an effort to raise sponsors for them.

This is perhaps the most exciting project I have ever worked on. Interacting with the Swazi women and hearing their stories will definitely break me and teach me. I know I will come back changed.

The Thirteenth Tribe Promo

This is a promo video for The Thirteenth Tribe’s Freedom Appointments. I made this video for a man named Daniel Boon (yes, that’s his real name) who has been one of the most influential people in my life.